Awareness is Key
With Hormonal Imbalance
There is Relief

In order to properly determine if you have any evidence for hormonal dysfunction, you need to have a detailed history and evaluation to determine what hormones require testing. There are no “panels” that can be ordered to test all of the hormones. Hormonal testing is specific to the gland being measuring to determine over or under production of the specific hormone. In our office we take a comprehensive approach to your case and prescribing the appropriate corrective care
Even when only one unbalanced hormone is present, it may result in hormonal imbalance symptoms in women.
Hormone imbalance has become a true epidemic in our country. The average female over 35 years of age suffers from some form of hormonal imbalance.  The effects of such imbalances increases as we age and become more devastating and harder to treat the longer they go on and the worse they become. Because most of the symptoms come on gradually, it is difficult to figure out initially, until the problems become more pronounced and the hormones become even more imbalanced. It becomes a vicious cycle that slowly robs you of your energy, your vitality and your life and lifestyle.
* Consultation fee does not cover the cost of additional testing. It is likely that lab tests will be ordered. Most insurance carriers will cover the cost of the necessary testing. It may also be necessary to order radiology studies, most insurance carriers will over the cost. If necessary, my office will get the necessary prior-authorization for appropriate testing. ** Treatments include prescription medications. The costs will be determined by individual insurance plans, costs of generic medications or compounded medications. 
Regain your health and wellness today, start with a detailed hormonal evaluation and appropriate treatment by a board certified endocrinologist without having to come to the office.
This consultation is done over the phone or Internet and includes:
  • Detailed history of symptoms
  • Complete medical & surgical history
  • Review of family history
  • Review of all medications and supplements. 
  • Diagnostic ordering when indicated *
  • Treatment recommendations **
  • Easy follow up and continual evaluation.
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Acne or oily skin             
Bone loss                
Decreased fertility
Excess facial and body hair
Hot flashes            
Heavy or painful periods
Irregular periods
Loss of muscle mass
Loss of scalp hair
Low libido
Memory lapses
Mood swings
Night sweats
Poor concentration
Sleep disturbances
Tender or fibrocystic breasts
Urinary incontinence
Vaginal dryness
Weight gain
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Common Symptoms
For hormonal imbalance include:
  • Weight changes

  • Fatigue

  • Skin or hair changes

  • Loss of sex drive (libido)

  • Depression or anxiety